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I consider myself somewhat of a chiropractic snob since I grew up with chiropractic care as my father was in practice for 40 years and treated me with regularity until I moved away from my hometown. I have tried 6 different Chiropractors since I have been living in Northern California and early on I had common issues that were easily addressed, headaches, a pinched nerve, etc., and pretty much any Chiropractor could offer me relief.

In more recent years my issues became more complicated or so it seemed, judging from the lack of relief I was getting from my chiropractic treatments. As the years went on and my pain became chronic, out of desperation I stepped away from chiropractic as an option and sought other ways of getting relief… pain meds, hypnosis, acupuncture; and I was seen by a back surgeon in San Francisco, but surgery was not an option for me either.

My job is very physical as I own a residential cleaning service and I always worked alone but had to finely hire help, as I could not vacuum anymore at the pace and frequency the job requires. I also started to do activities I really enjoyed less often as it was just too painful. Depression set in. If my life was going to involve so much daily pain, it was not a good enough life for me. I became suicidal.

Jump forward 18 months to now, and I meet Dr. McBee and go back to my roots of chiropractic care. He took a much more detailed medical history than any of the previous Chiropractors had. His confidence in his ability to bring me relief from the chronic pain associated with my mild scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, bulging and protruding discs really provided me with a sense of comfort and trust in him.

With the other chiropractors I have been to, treatments were on average 3 to 5 minutes actually spent with the doctor. With the focus and quality of care Dr. McBee provides, time spent with him is 35-45 minutes and costs less than what I was paying for 3 minutes before! I am less than one month into my care and the results I am experiencing are unbelievable, my pain for the first time in approximately 7 years is not chronic. I’m not overwhelmed at work just waiting to finish, so I can get home and ice my back or take a pain pill. I am happier, and my focus is improving because I’m not so distracted by pain.

I am so glad to still be alive and I know my results will become greater as Dr. McBee focuses on what it is my body needs to gain better health and well-being. I am so glad I found my way back to the quality of care I grew up with. Thank you Cody for taking the interest and time it takes to be a genuine healer, not just someone with a plaque on the wall.



A “bad back” was always a problem others had until I could hardly walk 20 feet. Suddenly, I understood “back pain!” In early 2010, I started visiting physical therapists, pain management experts, and chiropractors in Roseville and Sacramento… all to no avail.

Two MRIs and a trip to a back surgeon in Sacramento made surgery for herniated discs and stenosis look inevitable, despite the 50/50 odds that it might not bring relief. Then our friend and retired family physician learned of my situation and recommended Dr. Cody McBee, whose forte, according to her, is back pain treatment.

After careful evaluation of my situation, Dr. McBee seemed confident my back pain could be alleviated and I could avoid surgery. His treatment plan began in January of 2011, and the treatment gave me relief immediately. With continued treatment and adherence to a home exercise program, I was soon able to walk greater distances, get around the house without a cane, and resume short excursions to town.

Six months after working with Dr. McBee, just as he predicted, I resumed my normal daily lifestyle and even took long airplane trips again. I continue to do the prescribed exercises and see Dr. McBee as needed. I was able to avoid what seemed inevitable – back surgery. As I told our doctor friend who referred us to Dr. McBee, “I would be kicking myself if I had gone ahead with the operation as recommended (especially had it not worked well or had it caused other complications), and then been told afterward what I found out at my first appointment with Dr. McBee.” UPDATE: I moved to Washington five years ago but I still fly down to Chico in my plane a couple of times a year to see Dr. McBee. It’s more than worth the time and effort to fly down and see Dr. McBee to make sure I’m on the right track.



I initially came to Dr. McBee hoping that he could help minimize my reoccurring rib pain. What prompted my move to Dr. McBee, whom my wife had been seeing for several years, was a recent bad experience with another chiropractor who displaced my ribs while performing an adjustment on my spine. The offending chiropractor did not seem to have the interest or expertise to fix the pain he had caused.

A little background, I had experienced rib pain starting in junior high school after a mishap on the parallel bars in gym class approximately 45 years earlier. Several falls through the years while skiing and mountain biking just made things worse.

Anyway, Dr. McBee was up for the challenge with little fanfare. He very gently adjusted my ribs over several appointments and my ribs quickly felt better than they had since my junior high mishap. It has been over many years since Dr. McBee “fixed” my rib issues and they have not bothered me since. What a blessing!

Dr. McBee does an excellent job of studying the condition of your spine, etc. with the use X-rays and hands-on examination. I have several degenerative issues that need to be considered when performing adjustments. He always has those issues in mind when he decides which techniques to use. I am always confident that I am in good hands and the work he does on my body is safe and will be beneficial.



Dear Dr. McBee,

Thank you for changing my life. I can now walk three miles and sit in the car for long periods of time, as I am 99% pain free. You were able to do for me what the other doctors I consulted could not.



Our bodies are struggling. We have scary, debilitating symptoms. We want answers. We NEED our health back!
What is NRT? It’s like when you hook up your car to the machine that prints out exactly what is going on under the hood. Your body is smart. It is trying to get your attention. It needs a translator. Dr. McBee can test every part of your body from heart, intestines, adrenals and thyroid to liver, kidneys and yes, your brain. He is able to interpret what your body is struggling from right then and there. No prescription medication to “SEE” “IF” it works while you suffer a page of side effects.

It’s a customized multivitamin program. Your body will express a definite yes or no if it needs a supplement, plus exactly how many it wants. You will leave knowing what is going on and what you can do to start healing. Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.




I was in an automobile accident. I was in a lot of pain, very emotional and unsure what was happening to my body. Dr. McBee helped me to feel well again. He listens and he cares. He explained to me in detail why I was experiencing so much pain in my body. This helped me to understand what I needed to do to get myself better. Dr. McBee placed me on a treatment plan that included chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy; and when I grew stronger, stretches and exercises. I recovered and feel strong again!

Thank you, Dr. McBee, for helping me to feel good again, physically and emotionally.



When I first came to see Dr. McBee, I was struggling with pain in both my neck and back. Thanks to Dr. McBee’s expert care, I now am pain-free and move with more strength, ease, and flexibility. Dr. McBee doesn’t just focus on adjusting. He gave me exercises to strengthen my supporting muscles, and he gave me clear explanations as to how the body works. That helped me learn a healthier way to move. I am stronger and healthier than I’ve been in years, thanks to Dr. McBee.

Dr. McBee truly cares about his patients’ total health. I have had various health issues that have been resolved thanks to the supplements Dr. McBee recommended as part of the Nutritional Response Testing program. These were health issues that no other M.D. or Naturopath had been able to help me with. My immune system is clearly stronger as a result, and I am now a firm believer in the nutritional testing and Dr. McBee’s ability to successfully improve my overall health.



I am 92. My previous rheumatologist had me on methotrexate to see “IF” it would relieve my Gout Syndrome. The sheet of side effects enclosed in the medication was so long, I simply threw it away. I trusted a doctor who prescribed a drug to fight cancer! My hair began to fall out, so I followed my daughter’s recommendation and tried Nutritional Response Testing. I have been going to Dr. McBee for 6 years now. I am taking SAFE vitamins and am doing great!



Our 24-year-old daughter sustained a concussion and suffered from exhaustion, migraines, and vertigo. She was out of work and life. Therapy (physical, ocular, and speech), acupuncture and two neurologists could not make a difference.

My husband and I flew her down from Oregon to see Dr. McBee. He found her adrenals seriously drained. Her brain needed supplements for specific areas. Digestively, she needed help to get more nutrients from her food.

After only 6 weeks on the supplement protocol, she returned to work and is working 4-hour shifts and is gradually gaining her life back. She continues to improve and her stamina is increasing. In fact, she is doing so well that we are flying her back down from Oregon for a follow-up appointment!

B & P


I work hard at Trader Joe’s lifting cases of wine, pushing stacks of carts and laying on the floor to reach those pickles in the back! Chiropractic care is a part of my life. I stay healthier and stronger than most of my crew members. Call me Humpty Dumpty. With his experience and touch, Dr. McBee puts me back together again!



Let me begin by stating, “I don’t like doctors.” Nothing personal, but I just avoid them as much as possible. So, when my wife told me how unique and gifted Dr. McBee is, I decided to break down my barriers and make an appointment with him.
That was in March 2018. I’ve been a patient ever since.

Dr. McBee used Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) to effectively evaluate what was going on in my body. What is working and what is not. Through this process, he recommended supplements to target each specific area that needed support and outlined these in order of priority (adrenals, digestion, inflammation, etc.). These supplements are extracted from REAL food, so my body understands how to process and apply the benefits derived from each one.

I’ve never liked the idea of taking medication that was “created” in a lab, especially given all of the side effects associated with each one. With the supplements from Standard Process, I don’t have to be concerned about that.
I gladly drive 90 minutes each way for my appointments with Dr. McBee, as I continue to move towards a healthier and more active life.



I have been seeing Dr. McBee for over 6 years. I feel very lucky to have found him. Dr. McBee listens carefully to what you have to say and examines you thoroughly before starting any treatment. He explains everything in exquisite detail from what is going on with your body to how his treatments, recommended exercises and nutrition will help your condition. One of his primary goals is to help you maintain the progress you achieve through his treatments by helping you learn homecare activities instead of just having you schedule constant visits to his office. Of all the medical people I see, I trust him the most to treat me and to honestly, clearly and completely communicate with me.



I suffer from chronic neck and back issues and pain. I work for a local utility company and my job entails a diverse amount of physical activity. I climb power poles while dragging along equipment to restore and clear equipment. There are times I am bent over in underground equipment to complete or connect services, along with pulling and pushing wire of different sizes. What really is the challenge is that these activities occur in all weather conditions. I’ve slipped on ice, snow, rain, mud, pine needles and rocks. Because of the physical challenges of my job, I know that at any time I can depend on Dr. McBee to straighten me out and keep me working.

The first time I saw Dr. McBee, it was due to a complaint of sciatica pain that I had suffered with for years. Dr. McBee asked me if I had ever had X-Rays of my low back, and I had not. So, Dr. McBee performed the X-Rays, and he could see the problem immediately in my spine. Also, Dr. McBee surprised me by pointing out that the mechanics of my feet were also a cause of the spinal misalignment.

He has adjusted just about every part of my body and has managed to keep me aligned. I am soon to be 62 years old. Dr. McBee not only treats me with adjustments, but he has also treated my body with nutritional supplements to maintain the function of my aging body. I have recommended and, without a doubt, will continue to recommend Dr. McBee for his expertise on chiropractic care and health.



I am very lucky to have Dr. McBee for my chiropractor. He has helped me many times over the years from kinks in my neck due to a bad night’s sleep to realigning my hips for an even running stride.

I was previously in an ATV accident, and the first doctor I wanted to see was Dr. McBee. With a treatment plan, Dr. McBee had my body realigned and pain free. I am very thankful he addressed all issues from head to toe; because today, I have no lingering pain or medical issues from that accident.

His approach has always been professional and his treatment pain free. His exams are thorough, and he addresses muscle pain, spinal alignment and overall wellness. Dr. McBee was recommended to me by a family member, and I highly recommend him too!



I first started seeing Dr. McBee about 18 years ago. I suffer from having three partially herniated discs in my neck due to a couple of auto accidents that caused debilitating headaches. My medical doctors only prescribed physical therapy and pain medication.
Dr. Cody McBee has helped to keep me pain free and functioning. I am able to stay focused with a clear mind thanks to his treatments. I have a very stressful, high demanding job that I would not be able to do without Dr. McBee’s help. I highly recommend Dr. McBee for anyone that is in pain and is considering alternative medicine.



Dr. McBee is not like most caregivers you interact with in connection with medical services. He does not make you feel like he can only give you the minimum amount of time and attention necessary to get through the visit and get you out the door. Dr. McBee makes you feel that if you wanted to he would talk with you all day. Neither does he pressure you to buy all manner of devices, materials, services or anything else. He tells you what might give you some relief and lets you decide.

I am convinced that Dr. McBee is a hold-over from some previous era when medical practitioners knew their patients without looking at their chart first. A time when the medical practitioner knew your specific history and challenges again without first checking your chart. Another hold-over is how he explains sometimes complicated concepts in a way that seems simple, down-home common sense.

In my case, it turned out that further medical intervention was required. But, I feel privileged to have met Dr. McBee and recognize that there remains at least one “caregiver” that really does.

Bob W.


Dear Dr. McBee,

As you know, my daughter has Charcot-Marie-Tooth (a neuromuscular disorder) that causes sharp pain in her muscles. Your treatment has helped her be more comfortable and that is such a big thing for her. There isn’t a cure, but the fact that she gets relief from the constant shortening and contraction of her muscles and tendons by having one of your treatments is a real benefit.

Thank you so much for helping.




Thank you, Dr. McBee, for helping me feel so much better. Three car accidents in my long life time have caused me to have almost constant pain in my back and neck. You gently made adjustments that relieved the pain and helped to relax my muscles. You also took the time to teach me exercises that would help to strengthen muscles.

I am also grateful for the nutritional testing and my supply of supplements. It was the first time that my injured knee received relief. I had tried so many supplements and the doctor had even prescribed pain pills for me (but they cause too many side effects.) None of it worked before, but your supplements did make a great deal of difference.

Thank you again; you and your staff have improved my life.



After years of recurrent sinus infections, I decided to undergo a nutritional evaluation with Dr. McBee when another infection occurred. After completing the evaluation, he determined that I had a nutritional imbalance of my immune system. Dr. McBee recommended a combination of whole food supplements to improve my immune system. Within 3 days, I was feeling so much better and by day 7, the sinus infection was gone. I was so surprised how effective the supplements worked, and I didn’t have to go on another round of antibiotics! Now, I take supplements on a daily basis to keep my immune system strong.

I would recommend a nutritional evaluation to anyone who is interested in improving their health without medications. It’s the best investment I’ve made for my health!



I am a 62 year old male, 5’7” and 150 pounds. In December 2010, my primary care physician recommended I have a blood panel done as part of my yearly exam. The results revealed my cholesterol and triglycerides were higher than the recommended levels. My physician immediately wrote a prescription for a statin medication to lower my HDL and raise my LDL. I was concerned about the possible side effects and long term health risks associated with this type of medication, so I decided that I would not take the prescribed statin. I also made very few changes in my diet.

Instead, I decided to undergo a thorough nutritional evaluation with Dr. McBee to see if there were any nutritional deficiencies that could be causing my high cholesterol levels. On January 24, 2011, I underwent the nutritional evaluation by Dr. McBee. He found a number of nutritional deficiencies and recommended several supplements to improve my health. I was regularly re-tested by Dr. McBee, and I carefully followed his supplement plan.

On July 25, 2011, my primary care physician ordered another blood panel. The results were so good that I wanted to share them. Here is the proof that good nutrition works. My total cholesterol dropped from 214 to 147, a drop of 67 points. My triglycerides dropped from 165 to 86, a drop of 79 points. My LDL dropped from 144 to 95, a drop of 49 points. My HDL was 37 in December and is now 35. In December 2010, my cardiac risk was listed as “average,” but in July 2011 it was listed as “below average.”

My nutritional protocol is now focused on increasing the “good fats” in my body. Needless to say, I am delighted with the significant results I have seen in 6 months by using whole food supplements. I also find I have more energy and stamina than I have had in years. I am anxious to see the results of my next blood panel.



I began my association with Dr. McBee approximately 6 years ago to treat sciatica which had developed in my right leg and lower back due to bulging discs.

What I have come to appreciate most about Dr. McBee is the care he takes to first relax the various muscle groups using a combination of electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat or ultrasound before attempting to make any spinal adjustments. Because of this method of treatment, the adjustments hold up, and my condition improved significantly over time to where I am pain free.

As I have certain chronic disc issues, I continue to see Dr. McBee and am most satisfied with the treatment I receive. I also appreciate the nutritional assistance that he has made available and from which I have also benefited.



Dr. Cody McBee has been my chiropractor for approximately 20 years. I originally started going to Dr. McBee for a low back disc problem. I am also treated for Migraine headaches.

I can say with 100% certainty that not all chiropractors treat the same way, which is why I have stayed with Dr. McBee for so long. I believe he is one of the best. He is very thorough in his evaluations and treatment; and he listens to my concerns, and answers my questions. He uses a variety of adjusting maneuvers that have been very effective in keeping my spine and hips in alignment. I also appreciate that Dr. McBee continually re-evaluates my condition; and when necessary, makes changes to my treatment program.

I believe that a valuable part of my treatment is the physiotherapy I receive before the adjustment. I particularly like the electrical muscle stimulation and moist heat therapy. The therapy relaxes my muscles before the adjustment and helps my adjustment hold longer.

Over the last few years, I have used his spinal decompression traction table for my low back disc bulges. The gentle traction of my spine relieves the pressure on my bulging discs and nerves. My back, hips and legs feel stronger, and it relieves my pain. I also like the fact that he has the ability to manually control the amount of traction pressure and traction angle for my particular condition. This type of traction table has been very helpful in managing my chronic low back condition.

I also wear the custom-made foot orthotics he offers. They have made such a noticeable difference in supporting my feet, legs and low back that I have purchased a couple of pairs of the orthotics so I can always have them in my shoes. I have been wearing them for about 15 years now, and will never go without them.



I have been a patient of Dr. McBee’s for 15+ years, and have no desire to see another chiropractor. Dr. McBee has treated me for a serious disc bulge in my lower back, which causes severe sciatica when it flares up. I also have neck and upper back pain which he also treats me for. Dr. McBee is extremely knowledgeable about the spine and he truly cares about each of his patients. I appreciate the amount of time he spends with me while I am in the office, and I really like the physiotherapy before the adjustment because it is very relaxing.

Dr. McBee taught me exercises I can do at home to strengthen my low back, and they have significantly decreased my pain flare-ups. I also had the custom-made foot orthotics made for me, and they have helped tremendously with my low back issues. I was surprised at how comfortable they are to wear, and I wear them all the time. I can walk longer distances with less back pain when I wear them.

I believe with his treatment and home care advice, I have been able to avoid surgery. I appreciate all his help in keeping me active. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent chiropractor.



I can’t say enough about how Dr. McBee has helped our family’s health flourish. The nutritional testing he did on my 8-year-old daughter helped us discover the cause of her constant stomach aches, weak feeling and anxiety. After seeing many doctors, having blood tests run, changing allergy medications and taking certain foods out of her diet (one at a time I might add) all it took was for Dr. McBee to discover her body was short on one vitamin! One nutritional tablet 3 times a day, and she hasn’t had a stomach ache since. That was over a year ago. Dr. McBee suggested supplements for the nutritional deficiencies that were causing her allergies and anemia…her strength and courage is back! I was originally skeptical about AIT (nutritional testing), but after seeing the results not only in my daughter, but in the rest of my family, I am a skeptic no more!



I am an avid runner and went to Dr. McBee because I was having chronic lower back pain. Dr. McBee took the time to listen to my situation. After Dr. McBee performed a thorough examination and took X-rays of my low back, he came to the conclusion that the source of my low back pain was due to fallen arches and an unlevel pelvis. Dr. McBee fitted me for a pair of foot orthotics. After wearing them for only a week, I noticed that my lower back pain was gone even after a run which is when I noticed the pain the most. I was particularly impressed by how Dr. McBee was able to zero in on the source of my pain and remedy my condition. I highly recommend him.



Who knew pruning roses could teach you that you have a sciatic nerve? I’m an intermittent gardener, but when I do garden, I tend to overdo. The day after pruning 20 roses, I was in pain, starting with my lower back. Thanks to my husband’s positive experience with Dr. McBee, I knew who to call. Dr. McBee easily diagnosed the cause of my problem, explained carefully what I had done to cause the pain, and started me on the road to recovery. He taught me exercises to strengthen my body, along with gardening techniques to avoid hurting myself again. Dr. McBee’s expertise, patience, and teaching skills are the reasons both my husband and I have recommended him to so many friends and family members.



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